French representative on STANAG 4586 NATO working group


Define with all NATO nations an architecture and interfaces common to all Unmanned Systems.
[list class=”bullet-3″][li]Represent France at the NATO Working Group on Interoperability of UAS[/li][li]Defend the interests of French companies to avoid proprietary solutions[/li][li]Ratify one of the versions of the STANAG 4586 (Interface Specifications) when it is considered mature enough with the agreement of the French companies[/li][/list]


[list class=”bullet-3″][li]Animation of French companies on the development and implementation of the STANAG 4586[/li][li]Defending French companies against the other NATO nations and companies[/li][li]Collect the change requests to explain to the NATO group[/li][li]Participation in quarterly meetings of the working group (90 people, companies and representatives of NATO countries)[/li][li]Ratification of Edition 2 of STANAG by France[/li][/list]


[list class=”bullet-3″][li]Ratification of Edition 2 of STANAG by France[/li][li]Implementation by French companies of all or part of this STANAG in their systems[/li][/list]