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4i InternationalStrategy offer

Strategy offer

Business strategy

  • Business Plan
  • Opportunity study
  • Diagnosis of a strategic problem
  • Opening of the value chain
  • Development of Corporate Strategy


  • Declination of Corporate Strategy
  • Redesign organizational and process
  • Industrial and financial partnerships
  • Strategic Initiatives
  • Change management

Product strategy

  • Strategic study of a product
  • Technical & commercial offers design
  • Product lines declination
  • Identification of factors differentiating


  • Commercial & marketing action plan
  • Designing new products and services
  • Strategic positioning of products or services

Each business manager or operational management have a view, required for any entrepreneur to move it forward, going over and make its profitable business in the way he wants to give it.

This vision must be turned into reality transformed into factual actions => it is the role of strategy.

Global vision, long term objectives, profitability, stocks, resources, cooperative, stakeholders, budget, organization, definition are all terms to orchestrate for set and make real strategy a business.

The development and implementation of this strategy provides executives problemsoften complex to solve.

Between’s vision of an entrepreneur and reality there is a delay that plays on profitability. 4i proposes to optimize this time formalizing your strategic plan, implementing it and thus accelerate the profitability of your business.

Our missions begin with a perspective of the problem which we are subject and end with a contribution to the strategy of our customers far beyond an ordinary recommendation.

Expertise, Adaptation, Intuition Method are key factors of success of these strategy missions .